Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why Greg LeMond is a Douchebag and Lance Armstrong isn't


            I’ve been riding bikes for 53 years now (I’m 57) and I love bikes in all their forms.  From riding my mountain bike on singletrack in Marin and the Oakland hills, to riding mu road bike on Mt. Diablo and to riding my townie around San Francisco, I love every minute of it, no matter how painful or frustrating it may be to be outclassed by the likes of the uber-bikers in the bay area.
            So,  just why I think Lance is a good guy?  In a word loyalty. Anybody that is not sponsored by Shiner Bock beer or Peets coffee and yet who goes out of his way to promote both products has the right sense of loyalty. Greg LeMond-if you don’t pay, he won’t say.  He jumped from team to team for the all might Euro.  If LeMond were an American, I might have said dollar, but, LeMond has always been a wannabe Frenchman.
            LeMond is a wanna be Frenchman from way back.  He reminds me and probably most of you of the person who goes over to France for a semester of school and comes back complaining about how “gauche” Americans are. He also embraced the innate disloyalty of the French, a people who celebrate stabbing people in the back. Would LeMond drink Shiner Bock beer? No way-mon frier, only the finest wines for LeMond. He probably calls French Fries (okay-I admit, they got one thing right) “frites” as they do over there.
            Oh, back to the loyalty thing. It’s true that once a person betrayed Lance, he went out of his way for some payback. LeMond and the payees of course say this is awful, terrible behavior.  I would call it consistent behavior and conduct. For LeMond, stabbing someone in the back and then doing business with them to make a buck a few years down the road might seem okay, but, MEN, remember disloyalty and treat the betrayers accordingly.
            And face it, would you want to hang out with Greg LeMond, the famous tattletale and scold?  How much fun would that be? To listen to a self righteous jerk who goes around the world saying-“I told you, I told you” to anybody would listen. Do people talk about how LeMond came to their hospital bed and willed them to recovery? Nope-no money in that for LeMond.  No surprise that he is a (it’s a French word) DOUCHEBAG.
Lance helped millions of people who had cancer or who lived with cancer patients and NEVER ASKED FOR A DIME FOR HIMSELF. Instead, he hit up corporate types to donate their money to help others.
            So it all boils down to this-of given a choice, would I rather get paid to hang out with LeMond and bask in his 3 Tour de France victories while he raves about some wine I’ve never heard of to corporate people I avoid at all times OR would I rather hang out with Lance in Austin, ride the mountain bikes and enjoy a Shiner Bock or two afterwards.  You already know the answer, what you don’t know is I’d interest Lance in some Anchor Steam Beer. He might change his mind about Shiner Bock-eh, probably not.