Monday, June 3, 2013

The Starting Line

Sudden changes can be a cause for reflection. While one is dusting oneself after being knocked down by life, new thoughts float through the head.  The "knocking down" so to speak was a problem at my job. A job that I thought was pretty safe. Then I learned what most Buddhists figure out early on, that nothing is permanent. I could have been afraid of the future. But, instead, it freed me to reflect on how I was living life and to study how I've lived it so far, including what I was doing that led to where I am now.

Behind me is the Grim Reaper who I met at an Oakland Raiders Game.  The Reaper is behind us all, sometimes seen, most times kept out of sight of our consciousness for as long as possible. If the Reaper represents the end, then, the starting line represents the beginning. As a long time runner, I am on good terms with starting lines. A starting line represents a new race. Another chance for victory or even better, to discover one's limits of potential. 

So where that leads for me is the start of my journey of self exploration while exploring the outdoors. If nobody but me reads these lines, then so be it. But, if others read this, I hope you find some amusement as well as some insight along the way. Please make any contribution you like, whether you want to write, post a photo or a video.  Let's get moving!