Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Cyclist for Life

It starts with a bike like this. Usually discovered by the child under the Christmas tree or as a birthday present. However the child gets the bike, it's a gift that can last a life time. Robert Marchand, a 100 year old Frenchman chose to celebrate his birthday by riding 100 Kilometers. Now that's something I'd like to achieve.

Some cyclist grow up to achieve greatness in races such as the Three Week long Tour De France, which consists of 28 separate races, up mountains, time trials team time trials and very long races of over 150 miles. The race travels mostly all over France with occasional stages in Switzerland and Belgium. The 2013 Tour De France begins on June 29, 2013. Watch the race on NBC or Universal Sports. I guarantee you'll be enthralled and you might even learn some French! 

Not everyone wants to race their bikes. Some People use their imagination. From ultra modern bikes, designed to break the speed records to a father building a bike to ferry his kids around, people for decades have designed their bikes to suit their dreams. 

Will this be the first bike pedaled to 100 miles per hour?

 Father and Son in Thailand, out for a spin.

I couldn't go on about bikes without showing my own. It's a Specialized Allez Comp with a made in Italy Columbus aluminum frame, carbon fiber forks and seat post and Shimano components. It rides like a dream!! BELLO!!!