Monday, July 1, 2013

I should be looking for a job

My job is being eliminated. That I suppose is the bad news. The good news is that the severance package is pretty generous and I should be able to start collecting my pension in a few months. So, you would think I would be frantically looking at openings on the internet and sending out my resume. You would be wrong.  Being the love sick cyclist that I am, I decided it was the perfect time for a PROJECT BIKE.  Below is what I am starting with.

It's a Mongoose hardtail that I bought in 1999 for $ 250.00 while I was in the middle of my divorce. I loved this bike because I could ride it almost anywhere and it was virtually theft proof because after all, who would steal it? Once it was paid for, I spent hours on it to keep my mind off my troubles. Then, when I met the adorable lovely One, I rode it with her in Oregon and parts south. I have many fond memories of the black beauty. But, alas, I threw her over for my current ride-a Giant NRS2, full suspension with a beautiful red coat. SIGH!   But, what to do with the Goose? Ah, I know, I'll convert it to a singlespeed to ride with the Lovely Adorable One on the local bike paths, I'll be cool and not at all P***y whipped. So, with some extra cash I got for a side job, I went out and bought the stuff laid out below.

I have the parts and even some instructions which I may or not follow. I can guarantee there will be numerous bottles of Anchor Steam Summer Ale consumed while I contemplate my artwork. While I am doing so, I will have visions of the riding pictured on the cover of UrbanVelo magazine shown below.  Progress notes to follow.........................