Tuesday, July 2, 2013


College Avenue on the borders of Oakland and Berkeley-species found in the coffee shop. 

  1. Middle aged academics-it’s 85 degrees out, lose the sweater and no, black socks don’t look good when you’re wearing shorts. 
  2. Younger business type guys asking me “sir, do you know how to connect to the wifi?” Ah, that’s a tough one, how about you click on the button marked “accept” on it. Well, at least he appears to have a job, unlike the guys described below;
  3. Young, metrosexual, feminine types who sit with their legs crossed like girls drinking some caffeine cocktail instead of black coffee.
  4. Students-both undergrad and grads. The boys uniformly dressed in shorts, retro sneakers and tees. The women (they’d riot if you refer to them as girls even though they call themselves girls all the time) wearing summer dresses (God bless them) so as to casually maximize the tan. They both get their drinks and stake out a table and study or if they are a couple, pretend to study. 
  5. Moms on parole from the kids. Easily discerned by their clothes from Banana Republic, large sunglasses, coffee cups the size of a Big Gulp and a cell phone surgically attached to her hand. Usually travel in packs so as to compare the pre-pre-pre SAT scores their kids got in Kindergarten. 
  6. The loudmouth guy that insists oneveryone in the shop hearing his conversation with a technical support guy-"should I go back, I can't tell from the screen, I don't know, hit all programs again, I don't see it, look through all programs again, right? 
  7. Slightly older, disheveled man grimacing every time he stands up  giving off a faint smell that is a combination of sweat and baby wipes. Oh-right, that’s me after a bike ride. Ahhh so sorry, would you mind opening that window-thanks ever so much!