Monday, July 1, 2013

Things I'll Miss About MY OLD JOB

As my prior post mentions, my job has been eliminated by senior management and to be sure, it hurts a bit to be rejected. But since that rejection was accompanied by a good severance package, it only stings a little. The sting goes completely away when I remember the things I'll miss about the job.


1) Mike, Fran, Jeanne, Lucy, Philip, Tammy, Robin, Manny and all the other good people I worked with for the past 14 years.

2) Listening to Mike's stories.

3) Going to Manny's office and talking bikes, beer, wives and all the other important stuff.

4) Morning coffee with Fran

5) Stopping by Jeanne's cube and chatting until she pretended to have a call so she could shoo me away.

6)  Running along the Embarcadero with my friends and chatting.

7) Breakfast at Java Reds in the morning before work.

8) Danny at the Y

9) Eating ice cream cones in the office and knowing it pissed off the Shrew.

10) Popping the ballon heads like Joe Dunn when I ask him a question he doesn't want to answer.