Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What does Peace mean to you?

"Peace" can mean many different things depending on the person, their desires and their circumstances.  Peace of mind, peace in our time and give peace a chance are not just catch phrases. What kind of person spends his or her life seeking peace?  Is it selfish to seek peace for oneself?  Is it noble to try to force others to live in peace or just arrogance? Why are people who try to get others to live in peace, the ones who are killed?  Jesus, Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and John Lennon come to mind. Is the thought of living in peace so offensive to some people that the peaceable ones have to be killed?  What is it about so called "civilized" human beings that we kill the very people who encourage us to get along with one another?

for me, peace has to do with the welfare of my family. If my wife and 3 children are happy with their lives, then, I'm at peace. "Happy" doesn't mean they have perfect lives, just that they look forward to their days. When we're together, I feel at peace. We can disagree, sometimes strongly, but in the end we love one another and that, to me, is peace.